Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY: Babyshower

I organised the Baby shower for my sister. I started early with planning and making things for this day. I made everything by myself.
D-Day! In the early morning me and my sisters best friend started with making Cookiemonster cupcakes and dirty diapers with chocolate. As soon as my sister was out, we sneeked into her house en started to decorate the whole living room with balloons and garlands. On the table we had lots of delicious food. As soon as we where done with everything and everybody was in, my sis came home!

I made these invitations for the Baby shower.

I also designed some flaggs.

We played 2 games at the same time. I made a Quiz and a Bingo to play with the presents. The Quiz was about being "the best mommy". When she answered good, she get to unpack a present and at the same time we played Bingo. I asked everyone what they bought, so i could make the Bingo card with presents.

Whe had 1 minute to write as many names beginning with a D or a M. One minute was tooo short so we played this game for 3 more minutes.

I bought one blue thin rope. We had to guess the size of the belly, cut the rope and see if you were right. most of us had a too long piece. It was funny because when we asked the daddy to guess... The rope fits perfectly! No centimeter more or less. Haha!

When they were going home, I made some favours to take with them. From Danielle's shower to yours! We had blue and a couple of white sponges for your own shower at home.

In stead of a guest book, I bought these white branches to decorate the house. I made little diapers where you could write a little wish for the upcomming mom and dad and the little baby boy.

We had a great day with couple of games, presents, pictures and food! She didn't know anything! She was realy surprised!

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