Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Strongman: Meet The Animal

Hi everyone! Have you already met The Animal? Well how about lifting some real heavy things, flipping huge tires and pull some big trucks! That is what he is training for, another season of Dutch Strongman. We have to go to diffrent places here in The Netherlands, spreaded all over the country, but I will be there and support him everytime. I will be there in the pooring rain, cold, grey and windy days and sunny, hot days (perfect for tanning by the way;) 
This season I’m gonna try to make movies and take pictures during the qualifications. We went to his training buddy and friend in Brunssum. They train at “De Vrije Markt”. This is a big hall where they sell lots of things and there is a little spot in the back where these boys can train. This day I came for some nice pics and movies for Bj√∂rn his sponsor, Consolid.
Clothing design by me;)

Log lift, 150 kg (330 lbs)

Real steal


Yoke, these things turn up to 400+ kg in qualifications (881 lbs)

Stones of strength, stones from 110 kg to 200 kg. (242 lbs - 440 lbs) They have to lift them up these stairs. Lower stairs - higher weight.

Sponsor - Consolid

Tire flipping, 360 kg (793 lbs)

Training spot at “De Vrije Markt”

These are the records they break and a shirt from the SCL Leader (Strongman Champions League) with some signatures from the world Stongman leaders.
Look at the left picture. Do you see how big this thing is in stead of a little plastic cup. Well... they have to lift them... with one hand only!

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