Wednesday, March 04, 2015

DIY: Address cards

Hi Everyone! The Animal and I are moved. So for our family and friends I made those cute key cards. I went to and found someone who was selling lots of keys. Marktplaats is a site where you can sell your stuff. From cars to toys and from books to closets. So I sended him an email and I could buy the keys. The disign for the card is designed by myself.

So this is what you need to make those cards:
 Designed cards
 Spray paint (Any color you want)
 Long rope to spray the keys
 A place to spray the keys and some old newspapers
 Two diffrent pieces of rope (any color you want)
 A crop-a-dile

Are you moving out and looking for a nice card to send? Read below and see how I made these!

First you need to hang the keys on a long rope. Depents of how many keys you have.
Remember, theys keys were heavy 
so if you have lots of keys maby you need to split them.
And spray them separately.

Spay paint the keys as many time as needed. I did it three times to create a nice white layer on it.

Design some cards. On the back I placed a little text which invited you to visit us some times. Because we
moved to an whole other city, we understand it’s a little harder to visit each other.

An other house in an other city, 
that’s a big thing for everybody.
We are gonna try it somewhere els. 
So we wanted to ask you one thing....
Do you often wanna come visit us?

This Crop-a-dile I used is from Mandy. Make sure you check out her blog for lots of inspirational things.

Make a hole in the cards.

There you are! Ready for sending. I used blue envelopes to make the whole thing complete.
Enjoy making you own cards!

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