Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY: Pallet table

Hi everyone!
Time to be creative! It was a long journey but it's finally done! I'm in love with my new table. I made this table out of old pallets. You don't need lots of things to make this lovely one and if you don't use the sheet of glass, it's almost for free. You wanna know how I made this? Read on!

What you need:
2 pallets
 4 wheels
 Sheet of glass
 Paint (any color you want)
 A little bit of patience;)

In love

First you need two pallets with the same size

Paint it once or as many times you want to create a beautiful layer

I drew these letters with carbon paper and painted them the same color we used for our wall

Is't this cute?

You also need a sheet of glass

Put some wheels under it and you can move it everywhere you want

Decorate with some cute things and voilĂ ! you're done

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